Prenatal Yoga

Through yoga, women build confidence and trust in their bodies enabling them to have confidence and trust in birth. In this class variations of poses will be given depending on trimester so women can expect to be challenged or take it easy depending on the stage of pregnancy. A few specific areas of focus will be strengthening the legs, opening the hips and chest and toning the pelvic floor. We will practice breathing techniques to relax and prepare for labor, giving women tools to use during birth. No previous yoga experience is required.  (Recommended for women 12 weeks to birth)

Postnatal (Mom & Baby) Yoga

Does your baby group need an activity? Host a parent and baby yoga class! This is a fun and gentle class to help mothers share the joy of yoga with their little ones. This class is a supportive and caring environment for mothers to come together and gain balance as new mothers. The class will also focus on the trouble areas after child birth, strengthening the pelvic floor and core muscles, relaxing the shoulders and strengthening the back. We will also practice basic baby massage to help comfort and bond with baby. No previous yoga experience is required.  (Recommended 6 weeks old to crawling babies) 

Postnatal (Parent & Toddler) Yoga

This fun class uses children's songs, props and movement to facilitate your toddler's practice of basic yoga poses. Parents assist to help their child with the activities. Parents will also practice a few basic yoga poses with their child. This class is suitable for ages 1.5-3.5. 

Postnatal & Beyond Yoga

Parenthood is a balancing act! We can often forget about our own needs especially in the early years of parenthood. With this class we will focus on your specific needs, in your own time, in your home. This class focuses on finding balance whether it be strengthening and toning after childbirth or relaxing and restoring to help alleviate stresses of parenthood.