Clara was exactly who we envisioned when we set out to find a doula. Her energy, calm demeanor, and depth of knowledge was invaluable, we couldn’t be happier with her services. We clicked right away with Clara in our first meeting and quickly realized she would be a great asset in helping two people who have never been in this situation to navigate the process of having a baby.

Clara was immediately responsive at all times, and proactively communicative in the weeks before our due date. For any questions we had, she was able to help provide information and insight, as well as include her own personal experience. In the weeks before our due date Clara checked in with us constantly to see how we were doing, and provide valuable information for any questions we had. She also met with us and helped to shape our birth plan and state clearly and concisely to hospital staff what we wanted (and what we didn’t want) during our stay at the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital, Clara was with us the entire time, and her presence was invaluable. In hindsight, it’s hard to imagine what it would’ve been like without her there. She provided exactly the type of soothing, steady hand we had in mind, and she knew exactly what to do to manage pain effectively and get us through every aspect of labor and delivery.

In the weeks after, Clara checked in with us to see how things were going with our new baby, and her meetings with us were filled with thoughtful touches and included showing us how to do baby massage and yoga with our newborn.

We had a great experience with Clara, as a doula but also just as a great person. We highly recommend her for anyone that’s considering hiring a doula.
— Danielle and Mike, San Francisco

We are so very happy that we chose Clara, and that she agreed to be our doula for the birth of our first son. Clara brings the whole package, with her care, radiant enthusiasm, skill, and deep knowledge. She listened and really was attentive to our birthing preferences, she was very well read and knowledgeable in all the theory around birthing and early childhood care, she also possessed the breadth of practical skills and tools on how help me throughout labor. Moreover, she radiated enthusiasm and genuine care in every interaction we had before, during, and after labor and delivery. Mine was a long, almost 48-hour labor, and I felt her moral and physical support was steadfast throughout. Having Clara as our doula was an incredible blessing, and any mother-to-be and partner would be very fortunate to have her.
— Akane, Oakland

Having had no doula for my first birth and Clara for my 2nd, I can honestly say that she made all the difference in us being able to have the birth experience and outcomes we wanted. From getting to experience and work with the pain in labor, laboring in water, feeling in control of and during the process, to having a perfect healthy baby put on my chest to breastfeed and bond immediately- I couldn’t have asked for more.

From the beginning I felt an immediate connection with Clara as a friend but she happens to be a very experienced doula and mama of two herself. Clara is very passionate and informed about birth and labor practices and supplied us with so much valuable information and reading. She went above and beyond in her prenatal check-ins and her guidance and support during early labor was crucial in helping me avoid an induction- we were able to get my labor to progress naturally with her knowledge.

During labor, Clara was a strong and tireless facilitator of comfort strategies and rituals- and yet was able to almost invisibly coach my husband during the process so that he got to take the most central support role and the experience still felt really intimate and bonding (one of the reasons I hesitated to receive doula support in my first birth).

I’ve been interested in possibly becoming a doula myself someday but after watching Clara in action I’ve come to realize there is so much to the role and it takes a special person to do this work. I’m not sure that I’ve got it but Clara most certainly does. We were so lucky and thankful!
— Andrea, San Francisco

Clara Love has been my personal yoga coach for a rather long time. Her quiet presence alone could calm and relax me. I am the CEO of a market research and marketing consulting agency in Shanghai. There are 85 staff in the company and we served clients across China and in Asia. This means lots of traveling and juggling schedules.

The pace in China is very hectic and stressful. To balance this challenge, Clara came to my apartment twice a week in the early morning. I remembered feeling very refreshed and focussed after each session. At times, I requested for extra classes after work for meditation and unwinding. She was able to totally relax and strengthen me especially in my breathing and keeping me centered.

Clara has taught me how to breath differently and meditate through breathing. She has also tailored made different styles to help me hold better postures and strengthen the core muscles.

I totally enjoyed Clara’s company and professional guidance. I will not hesitate to refer Clara.
— Kim, Shanghai, China

I met Clara when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life. My health was not very good. I had not been taking good care of myself and was quite overweight. In my work life, I was quite stressed as there were a lot of difficulties in my business. My personal life was also going through many changes.

Clara and her kind and gentle manner helped me on all fronts. Her Yoga class helped me to gain strength and to take better care of myself. The deep breathing and relaxation techniques she showed me helped me to find good balance. The physical aspect of the Yoga got me into better physical condition and helped me to take better care of myself.

Having Clara as my teacher was a great experience for me.
— Joe, Shanghai, China