Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support

The first days, weeks and months after birth are filled with new rhythms of life. Having postpartum support ensures that mom and dad can nurture precious time with their new baby while someone else helps nurture them. I provide support to new moms with lactation education and counseling in the early weeks.

As a mother of two boys, I look back with warm memories to my postpartum period. With daily support from my “Ayi” in Shanghai, I felt nurtured and cared for during the postpartum period. In China, it is a typical tradition for a new mom to rebalance her body after childbirth with a 30 day “sitting period” called "zuo yue zi".  Although this tradition may not fit with everyones lifestyle, there are aspects of it that can benefit mom and family. By supporting you in the early weeks of breastfeeding, I hope to share this same care and love, I found from “Ayi” enabling you to have the best possible start on your journey into parenthood. 

Lactation Educator and Counselor 

Most moms have a birth plan but what about a breastfeeding plan? As a lactation educator and counselor, I meet with clients before their birth to help them feel educated and ready for their breastfeeding journey.